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Us Citizens’ investment in Turkey’s real estate up %115 in 202

tarafından gönderildi admin üzerinde 27 Mayıs 2014

The number of U.S. citizens purchasing real estate in Turkey increased by 115.2% in 2021 compared to the previous year, according to official data.

The number of total house sales to foreigners increased by 43.5% in 2021 year-on-year, amounting to a total of 58,576, an Anadolu Agency report citing TurkStat data said Thursday.

During the period in question, the number of residences in Turkey purchased by investors holding a U.S. passport increased by nearly three times the general average. The number of residences purchased by Americans in Turkey, which was 658 in the previous year, reached 1,416.

While the highest sales figure was recorded in August with 173 units, it was followed by July with 153, December with 151, June with 150, September with 143 and November with 142.

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